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We provide our clients with econometric analyses and forecasts to support evidence-based decision-making processes. Contact us to discuss your specific objectives and learn how we can help.


Realistic scenario analyses to support effective decision-makers

We provide forecasts for demand, inflation, economic activity and other pertinent economic quantities. We use econometric and machine learning techniques at the frontier of research to extract information from available data, and incorporate relevant risk scenarios (legislative, geopolitical, technological changes) to the analysis through modelling. 

Our clients choose our services to forecast indicators relevant to their business environment under particular conditions not covered in publicly available estimates. Because circumstances to be considered are sometimes rare events or of a political nature, their probability may be challenging to assess statistically. We allow for the exploration of different scenarios separately, and assist our clients in formulating realistic assumptions about their likelihood.

Impact Assessment

Rigorous impact evaluation to help decision-makers measure, assess and adapt

We help our clients evaluate the impact of internal business strategy innovations, public policies and other economic events on their business environment.

Attributing causality is a delicate exercise as causal interpretation (in the statistical sense) depends on judiciously imposed identifying assumptions. As econometricians, we are trained to carefully select, corroborate, and keep track of such identifying assumptions to provide our clients with reliable intelligence. 

We can test the robustness of our results to a set of potential changes in the economic environment, and augment the analysis with a modelling exercise to gain additional insight into the risk scenarios to which the analysis is more sensitive.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Project evaluation in a rapidly evolving environment

We evaluate the economic relevance of public and private projects while considering risks associated with future macroeconomic developments.

We accompany our clients throughout the identification process of alternative baseline projects, stakeholders and impact categories to consider. We establish relevant, measurable indicators and quantify direct and indirect costs, benefits and associated risks. We integrate macroeconomic forecast scenarios in the risk analysis when appropriate.

Contact us to know if your project falls within our area of expertise.

Customized Analysis

Classification, regularities detection and likelihood assessment for evidence-based decision making.

We help our clients detect patterns, classify data items, or quantify events’ likelihood. We use econometric and machine learning tools at the current frontier of research, and will be happy to discuss what can be done with your data.

Please note that we currently do not provide real-time analysis services.

Decision Support

Flexible analyses to navigate in a continuously evolving environment

We allow our clients to update our analysis by incorporating new data and exploring different legislative, geopolitical or technological scenarios as their business environment evolves.