We extract meaning from data to help our clients make sharp decisions

We provide our clients with econometric analyses and forecasts to support evidence-based decision-making processes. We are committed to offering the personalized and timely service that best answers your needs. 


We provide economic forecasts that take into consideration macroeconomic changes to your business environment, and model potential effects of contingency scenarios relevant to your strategic decision-making process.

Impact Assessment

We estimate the impacts of internal business strategy innovations, public policies and various economic events on our clients’ business activities, and test the estimation’s robustness to potential changes in the economic environment.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

We evaluate private and public projects' economic relevance while considering risks associated with future macroeconomic developments.

Customized Analysis

Whether our clients need to detect patterns, classify data items, or quantify events’ likelihood, we can help. 

Decision Support

We allow our clients to explore multiple contingency scenarios and update our analysis as their business environment evolves.