About Us

Clear Edge Analytics is a small economic consulting company incorporated in Québec, Canada.


We provide organizations with econometric analyses and forecasts to support evidence-based decision-making processes.

Guiding Principles

We offer a rigorous, result-oriented and personalized service.

Rigorous : Each project is conducted by an economist with a Ph.D. and a specialization in econometrics. Identifying assumptions and other necessary hypotheses are carefully selected, and their implications are scrutinized to provide reliable intelligence.

Result-oriented : We take great care to understand our clients' needs and offer the most adapted solutions. We master econometrics tools at the frontier of research. We also know simpler is sometimes better, and we offer our clients the most efficient solutions.

Personalized : Call us and talk directly with your consultant. Let us know what you want to achieve, and get a quick answer immediately. 

All services are offered in English, French and Spanish.

Our Comparative Advantage

Beyond data analysis

Recent advancements in computing power and data availability have led to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that unleashed the power of big data. Such techniques have countless applications and perform superbly, for instance, in providing predictions in stable environments. This increase in power, however, comes at a cost: low tractability. Why are we obtaining those results? What are most likely the causes and the effects? What important economic events would the analysis be robust to? 

We, as econometricians, are trained in the use of powerful machine learning algorithms but are, most importantly, specialized in the careful identification of underlying variations (shocks) so that we can have a meaningful discussion about causes and effects (at least in a statistical sense). In addition to providing forecasts, we can perform impact analyses and discuss the robustness of our results to important structural events. 

Because at Clear Edge Analytics we also have macroeconomic expertise, we can augment our statistical analysis with modeling exercises that provide additional insight and allow for exploring different scenarios. Incorporating macroeconomic scenarios into the analysis helps avoid the false confidence of a prediction about the future based on the assumption of an unchanging world.

Your Consultant

Most projects are performed by Samuel Brien. At times, collaborators from the academic world are invited on a project that matches their particular expertise.

Samuel Brien has a Ph.D. in economics from Queen’s University with a double specialization in econometrics and macroeconomics. He dedicates himself to providing organizations with econometric forecasts and analyses to support their strategic decision-making processes.

His double specialization allows for the use of modelling techniques to incorporate case scenarios into econometric exercises, empowering decision-makers to explore different contingencies, plan accordingly, and remain one step ahead while navigating in a changing environment.